• How can we treat combination skin type?

    Combination skin is dry on the inside, oily on the surface. One will always feel that his or her face is oily with pimples and blemishes. This is due to skin allergy that led to excessive oil sebum. It is indeed a big mistake when one kept trying to control the oil. 

    It is such skin that actually needed more hydrating for only by replenishing the dehydrated inner layer that one’s face will no longer be oily. 

    The same applies to Peking roast duck where what is left behind is just oil when the water evaporated. So quickly get your SGW hyaluronic acid hydrating essence to restore the balance in water and oil! 


  • What will happen if I change to other skin care products after using the blemish removal whitening range?

    This happens because of the long-term use of products with excessive hormone altering chemicals, lead and mercury. It is impossible for such products that see quick effects to not contain such toxic chemical ingredients. 

    Long term use will result in the skin cuticle getting thinner and when you stop using the product, your skin will not be able to adapt to it. Changing to other products will cause acute allergy, red and swollen face, itching and other symptoms.

    Those experiencing this need not be worry or panic. Just continue using all natural ingredients skin care products and you will notice the change. The condition will improve when all the toxic chemical ingredients are out of your skin. 


  • Is it normal to have dry skin appearing red after using products with strong hydrating function?

    This is a normal scenario. if your skin appears red after applying it, do not treat it as an allergy.

    When the skin is too dry, it will experience extreme lack of moisture and nutrition and thus, there will be invisible wounds on the dry and cracked skin. As it meets products with strong permeability, the circulation of water is accelerated and basal cells are activated, resulting in what appears to be redness on the skin. This is akin to the redness on face when one exercises. Those who are not in the know will be claiming this as an allergic reaction but my dear, allergy cannot be determined by just looking at its redness. 

    Scientifically, such phenomenon is known as a fake allergy attack.


  • What causes itchy and peeling skin?

    Please do not take it as an allergic reaction for it is actually dehydration. How then do you determine an allergy caused by dehydration? 

    1. After not getting water for 20 days, the skin cuticle will start to experience dehydration as well. After cleansing and not applying any product for 5 minutes, your skin will feel tight. 

    2. After not getting water for 20 to 28 days, the dehydration level goes into the particle layer. After cleansing and not applying any product for 5 minutes, your skin will feel tight and tingling when applying water emulsion.

    3. After not getting water for 2 months, the dehydration level reaches the bottom layer. After cleansing and not applying any product for 5 minutes, your skin will feel tingling and itchy when applying water emulsion with illusions of wrinkles followed by redness and swelling.


Do provide sufficient water for your skin. Gentle reminder from SGW:

With SGW hyaluronic acid hydrating essence, replenishing and locking the water together will effectively solve itching and peeling skin problem!

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